What is Other Sounds?

We do cool stuff like gigs, zines, mixtape swaps, music/art/film screenings, creative workshops, radio, getting over excited about music and generally supporting DIY culture.

We’re now into our fifth generation, and we’ve brought together lots of people to participate in the great creative scene in the city. We have a monthly residency at Fuel in Withington to showcase live talents from the underground around the country.

Who is Other Sounds?

Other Sounds is currently run by Charlie Bergmann, Madeleine Jones and Victoria Davies. We have a lot of regulars and new people at our events all the time.

Want to get involved?

Anyone is welcome at any Other Sounds event. We’re always on the lookout for bands, poets, artists, performers… anyone to get involved! If you’d like to gain experience writing articles about any events around Manchester that you’ve been to, designing posters/flyers/zines, screening art films, making noise etc. get in contact with us and we’ll see what we can do!

As we’re a social media-lly cool society we have all the web presences imaginable. To find out more:

Like the Facebook page: Other Sounds Society

And join our Facebook group here: Other Sounds Society Group

Follow us on Twitter: @othersoundsmcr

Follow us on Instagram: @othersoundsmcr

And finally, follow us on SoundCloud: Other Sounds Society